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At Our Future Learning Center, our mission is clear. We believe that child care must incorporate an educational component that is focused on the goal of progressive learning. Our education programs provide children with the opportunity to learn through creativity, imagination, and self-discovery. This is accomplished through fostering the child’s individuality in a group environment exposed to a wide-ranging course of study taught by an exceptional team of child development experts.

We offer a full range of programs for children in all age groups, each designed to build the child’s proficiency for literacy, mathematics, science, language, social and verbal skills. Our child-focused educational environment is intended to encourage children to learn and grow as they discover who they are and fully prepare each one for academic success in the years ahead. This is accomplished through a carefully considered curriculum where playtime affords children the chance to develop their knowledge, their emotional maturity, and their personalities in a safe and nurturing space.

We appreciate the needs of working parents who are seeking a place where their children can feel love and support while gaining the vital knowledge necessary for becoming well-rounded, intelligent individuals.

We are a childcare center dedicated to instilling confidence and self-esteem through knowledge but never losing sight of the importance of fun.


The Enrollment Process

We believe that children excel when they are placed in an environment that gives them the best possible advantages available for successful learning outcomes. For that purpose, children are enrolled into programs centered around the age group that is most suitable for their care and safety. This allows for every child to be given the chance to be mentally challenged in a welcoming and warm learning space.

We determine the best program for your child’s age range as a way of ensuring their well-being and capability to learn with the most efficacy. Through this method of placement, we are able to provide your child with all of the tools he or she needs to achieve the goals set forth by our teachers in every program.

Our classrooms have been specifically designed to provide children with a learning atmosphere that fosters exploration, camaraderie, and curiosity.


Infant Services

Classrooms provided for the care and instruction of infants up to 15 months of age place the utmost importance on safety. Our caregivers encourage movement and play through tactile discovery and development of their muscular strength.

The youngest of the children are given their own space separate from older infants where they can investigate and explore their surroundings in a warm and familiar environment. They have room to crawl and our teachers stimulate each child’s natural instincts and tendencies towards mobility. When they are ready, infants are given additional encouragement to learn how to walk.

Naptime is emphasized for the youngest of the children twice a day, while our older infants are put down for one nap each day.

Playtime is a vital component of our infant services where the classrooms are populated with toys, puzzles, and padded flooring designed to inspire playfulness and energize their senses with bright colors and interesting textures.

Our infant services are the first stepping stone in the complete development of the child as he or she moves from one program to the next in our curriculum, targeting the most important aspects of education and personality growth. The goal is to fully prepare children for the start of their academic journey as they make the transition from daycare and childcare to Kindergarten and beyond.

The following are the areas upon which we place the greatest emphasis in support of that goal:


We believe that playtime is an essential component of the learning mechanism that each child must be given the chance to hone and sharpen. That starts with play and we offer the children ample opportunities for this exercise with the choice of doing so by themselves or with others. While we encourage group interactions, we also strive to give every child the freedom of choice for their personal space.

Here at Our Future Learning Center we have two indoor gym areas where children get to play together twice a day.


Children require constant stimulation to assist in the learning process and we offer them a range of exciting and challenging educational activities that are age-appropriate along every program.

For the children in our toddler program that means giving them the building blocks for strengthening their motor skills and enhancing their imaginations through art projects and tactile sensory projects. Here is where the children can also begin to expand their vocabularies so they may communicate effectively with their teachers, peers, and parents.

The preschool program improves upon these building blocks by placing more emphasis on educational concepts by establishing the basics of reading, mathematics, and social studies. This program also brings a language module into play where teachers introduce the children to simple Russian words and phrases. As preschool is such a critical phase of the child’s development, there is an increase in the level of personal, one-on-one interaction with our instructors.

Pre-Kindergarten classes are designed to allow for sharing and learning as a group for the purposes of preparing children for the sometimes difficult transition that comes from leaving the daycare environment and matriculating into Kindergarten classes. This next phase of their development places an emphasis on more advanced stages of the concepts that were introduced in the earlier programs.

The activities and lessons that children are given for participation are created to best emulate the type of learning environment that Kindergarten classes provide. These include advanced reading, writing, and mathematics. Science is another topic that the children gain exposure to through hands-on participation for one hour a day, three days a week. Some of the most popular activities here include wind tunnel simulators, studying aquaponics where children can raise fish together, and an introduction to hydroponics.

Physical Fitness

Here at OFL, we strive towards the complete development of the child in both mind and body. That’s why every program also places an importance of teaching the children the value of exercise through gymnastics courses and dance. We feel that these elements are vital for building the child as a complete individual.

Emotional Preparation

For the mind and body to remain strong, we must also provide every child with the tools for understanding and regulating their emotions. Emotional response is a crucial element of a child’s upbringing and we offer workshops that help children get in touch with their feelings, teaching them that emotions are a part of who we are, the decisions we make, and they are part of the framework or our personalities.

Our programs maintain a strong belief in understanding how children think, how they see the world, and the emotional responses that a play in the role in their perceptions. We believe that sympathy and empathy for others begins at an early age and we hold workshops for children who are enduring certain hardships that can be complicated for young children to process. This may be something like the loss of a pet or loved one.

Variety of Choices

At Our Future Learning Center, we believe that children will only learn if and when they wish to do so. That’s why we give every child the freedom to only participate in those activities that interest them. Our staff has the children’s best interests at heart at all times so they are always considering new and exciting ways to reach them and inspire them through a wide variety of activity choices. We feel this is the most organic method for developing a child’s personality and preparing them for the future.


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