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Lunch Menus & Nutrition Program

lunchAt OFLC we pride ourselves on fostering good eating habits in children at an early age.  Good eating habits last a lifetime, which is why we insist on all children getting fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and a protein at every meal.  Children are of course never forced to eat anything, but we continually expose them to healthy options and encourage them to eat a balanced meal.  We strive for fresh organic ingredients whenever possible and our lunch menus are always available for you on this page.

Lunch is not the only food we serve, as the kids also get two snacks a day-both morning and afternoon.  And some of our centers also serve breakfast.  Ask your teacher/director for more info on morning routines.  We also encourage you to bring in anything you wish for your child if you have a picky eater or just have some specific preferences.  We must only insist that whatever you send in is completely nut free.

Each day, you will get a daily sheet that describes your child’s day, and part of that sheet discusses a food log.  So you will know how your child has eaten that day.