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Infant Program

Our Infant Programs Provide Reliable Child Care & Education For Your Young Infant Child!

Our Future Learning Center – Infant Program: When a young child starts spending time outside the home for the first time, it’s quite often harder on his or her parents than anyone else. At Our Future Learning Center in Brighton, Allston, and Marlborough, we provide a safe environment that will be your child’s home away from home, giving you peace of mind that your child is learning important life skills and being loved and cared for all the time, even if he or she is not under your watchful eye.

Our infant program accepts children as young as eight weeks old. Our specialists in infant care will rock your child to sleep, provide ample bandaids for boo boos, and give lots of smiles and hugs.

We don’t just care for your children with our infant programs—we prepare them for the rest of their lives. We assist infants with simple yet important skills, including sitting up, rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking. As they get a little bit older, they will be prepared to enter our toddler program through kids’ activities such as singing songs, counting, learning the alphabet, reading and listening to stories, and simple art projects.

When you drop your infant off at Our Future Learning Center each day for their infant program, you’ll know your children are in good hands, with great friends, at our daycare! We can assist you in making sure your child gets a head-start on life, preparing him or her for our toddler daycare program, as well as preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond.

For more information on our Infant Program, contact us today!